Inspection items for a slag powder silo

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Inspection items for a slag powder silo

Slag powder silo is a popular product in silo industrial plant in recent years. With the updated technologies and improved products, powder storage equipment will no longer be stored outside so as to reduce slag powder in air and effectively control environment pollution caused by slag powder. So since slag powder silo was invented by silo manufacturer, it has been highly recognized by slag powder industry. A slag powder silo needs a regular inspection and maintenance after it comes into use, then what aspects should we pay attention to?

First, check whether the powder silo wall is deformed and whether the bolts on silo wall is well connected. If some bolts are found to be loose or fallen down, pay attention to install them in time.

Second, during the inspection of slag powder silo, after silo powder is totally discharged under silo discharging system, check the sealing performance of the steel silo and whether there are deformation and cracks on silo frame and adjacent steel plates, and carry out maintenance timely if such conditions appear.

Third, inspect the equipment of slag powder silo. After silo powder is totally discharged under silo discharging system, have a regular inspection on the connection part between silo hopper and silo body, welding part of silo and the appearance of hopper plates. If deformation and cracks are found on silo body, stop feeding in time to prevent serious losses.

Fourth, inspect slag powder silo roof once a month to check whether the parts on silo roof such as upper extension rings, processing holes are normal, whether bolts are loose and whether gaskets are damaged, and handle it in time if there is any problem.

Fifth, during the inspection of mineral powder silo, pay attention to the appearance of silo wall and check whether there is corrosion or not and whether its sealing performance is good. If problems are found, corresponding measures should be taken in time to deal with them.

Sixth, due to the alternating load used in mineral powder silo, the welds of silo body and painting parts need to be inspected every six months, if the welding parts of climbing ladders, corridors, or trestles is found to be abnormal, weld deformation parts in time and make a timely anti-corrosion treatment on rusted places to prevent the rust area from expanding.

The above is the place of attention for the inspection of slag powder silo. The daily inspection work is very important, which is related to the quality of steel silo, and its service life. Therefore, the staff of each enterprise should pay attention to the inspection of steel silo.

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