Making principle of large steel silo

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Making principle of large steel silo

Large welded steel silo, also known as steel warehouse, is m
ainly made of welded steel plates. With the continuous development of steel silo industry in our country,  large welded steel silos which are independently constructed through our own research and development appeared.

Large welded steel silos have the following characteristics.

First, Silo dimension can be customized according to customers' demands.

The diameter of a silo body can be designed as 20-60m, and it can also be increased according to actual needs. The ratio of height to diameter of a silo is generally between 1:1.1 and 1:1.5. 

Second, safe and reliable silo structure 

Silo body is cylindrical, silo top and silo bottom is the type of ball lacking, and silo foundation is circular. The good sealing performance of steel silo ensures that materials can be stored in it for a long time without going bad.

Third, large silo capacity in tons 

Single silo capacity is in the range of 1-10 million tons.  

Fourth, advanced discharging system:

Large steel silo is equipped with new pneumatic discharging system, so material in silo can be transported to designated location by pneumatic pressure. 

Fifth, less cost to build a large steel silo:

A steel silo can not only save about 50% of construction materials, but also save land occupation area.

Sixth, with energy saving and environmental protection system:

It is equipped with dust collection system so that there will not be pollution to the surrounding environment in the process of silo feeding and discharging operations.

Seventh, a wide range of silo uses:

A large steel silo is not only applicable to cement plant industry for storing cement,  but it also can be used to store fly ash, clinker, chemical material feed and grain etc.

Highlights of silo technologies:

1: It can solve the technical problems of cement slabbing and physical index decline caused by temperature difference and humid gas inside silo wall. The effective control range of this design is within the ambient temperature of -50℃ to 160℃, and within which the physical indexes of cement in the steel warehouse remain unchanged.

2: It can solve the problem of water penetration and leakage of cement at the bottom of steel silo. Polymer waterproofing materials are used on the outside surface of silo bottom for strengthening its water-proof performance. Moreover, corrosion-resistant and water-proof material is used as the top coating of silo bottom and foundation, and the concrete used in silo foundation and silo bottom is also water-proof and penetration-proof, ensuring water-proof and penetration-proof performance of steel silo.

3: It can also solve the problem of complete discharging of cement in steel silo, the design of steel silo adopts our patented technologies to ensure the requirements of on-demand and on-time material discharging and the demand of smooth and complete material discharging of steel silo. 

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