Five ways to classify vertical silos

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Five ways to classify vertical silos

Silo building materials

1.Concrete silo: the diameter of concrete silo is usually between 6m and 8m, and its silo body is high. However, concrete silo is not commonly used because of its high construction cost and long construction period. 
2.Brick silo: Silo body is made of brick, and there is a reinforced concrete ring beam every 1.2m-1.5m for increasing the strength of silo body. Silo roof is usually made of prefabricated plates or cast-in-place cement. The height of a brick silo is usually less than 20m. But with the development of building materials and the restriction of brick production in recent years, this kind of silo is gradually reduced.
3.Stainless steel silo: Its mainly used silo material is galvanized iron plates. Steel silo is commonly used because of its advantages of light weight, low cost, high standardization, short construction period and wide application. Also, it has a larger diameter than concrete silo , which is usually around 20m, and it can be divided into bolted silo, welded silo and spiral silo in accordance with the ways of layout and construction of silo. 

Silo height

According to the ratio of the height of grain in silo and the inner diameter of silo, it is a deep silo (high silo) if the ratio is larger than or equal to 1.5, and it is a shallow silo, commonly known as short silo if the ratio is less than 1.5.

Silo capacity

It is divided into large silo, medium silo and small silo according to silo capacity. And usually it is a small silo when the silo capacity is less than 200t, it is a medium silo when silo capacity is between 200t and 10,000t, and it is a large silo when silo capacity is more than 10,000t. 

The shape of silo

There are two types of silo: cone bottom silo and flat bottom silo. The bottom part of cone bottom silo is a hopper, of which the slope is larger than the self-retaining angle of grain storage. Grain flows out from the central discharging outlet of silo bottom and is sent to the external transportation system through the conveyor.
In flat bottom silo, grain in the middle discharging outlet of silo bottom may self flow toward the natural slope angle. And a screw conveyor is used to push the remaining grain into the outlet until all the grain in the silo is discharged out.

Section surface

It is divided into round silo, square silo, rectangular silo and polygonal silo, and of which round silo and square silo are commonly used in China.

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