Precautions of fly ash silos and silo equipment

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Precautions of fly ash silos and silo equipment

1. Ensure the flexibility of components of safety valve of fly ash silo

Check whether bolts, springs and other components of safety valve are in good condition once a month; the pressure of safety valve cannot be adjusted at random when it is emitting gas under over-pressure condition; check whether the dust collector on silo roof is blocked once a month at least, open its top cover, unload filter element and shake its accumulated materials by hands if it is blocked, then put it back to keep using.

2. Blowing ash for storing material is prohibited

When using fly ash silo to store materials, it is banned to blow ash for storing materials if material volume has reached to the rated silo storage capacity, otherwise it may cause accidents, such as silo blasting. Operators shall pay attention to precautions for the use of silos and strictly carry out operations in accordance with requirements for the safety of fly ash silo.

3. Operations of safety valve of fly ash silo

Before storing material, open the safety valve of fly ash silo so as to reach rated inner pressure of steel silo.

4. Operations of vibrator in dust collecting device

After storing material, startup vibrator and keep in running for 5-6 minutes for keeping filter in dust-collecting device clean and ensuring safety valve is in normal operation and material volume is within the rated silo storage capacity.

5. Strictly control the service life of silo roof dust collector

The filter element of dust collector shall be taken out and cleaned once a month to ensure its service life, and it shall be replaced every three months for safety of fly ash silo.

6. Inspect and clean safety valve

Take a regular inspection and cleaning on safety valve and dust collector so as to ensure they are in normal operation.
After fly ash silo construction is completed, operators shall carefully check operation manual and contact with construction personnel in time if there is any problem.

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