Design of a 5000 ton fly ash silo

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Design of a 5000 ton fly ash silo

A 5000 ton fly ash storage silo is equipped with silo feeding system, silo unloading system and other auxiliary systems. Detailed design is as follows.

Steel silo feeding system

Use pneumatic conveying system to convey materials into material silo. Set up four feeding inlets on material silo wall 15-20m above ground and one inlet on material silo roof. 
Set a cut-off valve on the interface of ash conveying pipe in the steel silo to ensure the safety of ash conveying system and avoid back feeding.
The pipes and supports connected to the steel silo shall be designed according to actual conditions so as to ensure the safety of vehicles. Also, expansion and wear of pipes shall be considered in the design.

Deign of steel silo roof 

Adopt grid structure which can bear a large load and steel plates with a thickness of 4mm to enhance the strength of material silo roof. This kind of structure has light weight, low cost and high quality. 

Design of steel silo body

Steel silo body is formed by welding steel plates and section steel together. The high strength and good low-temperature performance of steel plates ensure the long service life of steel silo. At the same time, steel plates and section steel are firmly welded with Q235B type channel steel.

Design of steel silo foundations

Steel silo foundation is mainly composed by reinforced concrete, and generally the height of silo foundations is lower than or equal to its diameter. A reasonable foundation settlement helps to ensure the safety of silo structure.
Generally, there are two corridors in a steel silo, and three discharging outlets are set on one corridor. Concrete used for silo foundation construction shall be impermeable and water-proof, and the slope of materials filled in the gap between silo foundations and fluidization device shall be reasonable.
The discharging system of material silo consists of fluidization system and conveying system.
Fluidization system is used to facilitate the discharging of materials. The fluidizing bar installed in the silo can fluidize the compacted powder materials and help them flow out smoothly from the silo. At the same time, the multi-point discharge method can reduce material accumulation and power consumption, and realize a good homogenization effect.
Pneumatic conveying system is a necessary device for conveying fly ash in this material silo to other positions. Meanwhile the supporting equipment of the fly ash unloading system are bulk machine, dust collector, etc.

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