What are the advantages of 100 ton cement silo?

Jan 21, 2022Keywords: 100 ton cement silo, advantages of silos, sement silo

 What are the advantages of 100 ton cement silo ?

Component parts of 100 ton cement silo 

It is composed by steel structures of silo roof, ladders, guardrails, upper feeding pipe, pressure safety valve, high and low level meter and discharging valve etc. The diameter of 100 ton cement silo is about 3.5m, and its height is about 8.6m.

Structure of 100 ton cement silo 

The silo is cylindrical and it is supported by 4 tubular support legs at its bottom. The whole silo is welded by steel structure and equipped with dust collector to prevent dust leakage and pressure safety valve on silo roof and arch breaker on silo bottom to prevent dust lumping and ensure smooth discharging of powdery materials.

Range of application of 100 ton cement silo

1.It is used as the bulk materials storage silo in engineering construction, commercial concrete mixing station, road and bridge water conservancy projects, urban construction and other projects.
2.The 100-ton cement silo is usually used as a supporting product for the concrete mixing plant (building).

Advantages of silos

1. The structure of cement silo is featured by fine sealing performance and high temperature resistance.

The 100-ton cement silo is sealed by sealing strips and it can withstand high temperatures up to 200 degrees. In addition, after the sealing strip is compacted, the material is fed into the silo for the first time, then dust will automatically penetrate into tiny gaps, achieving a perfect self-sealing effect.

2. Good air tightness and wide application

When the 100 ton cement silo is produced, special equipment for spiral silo is used to bend and bite silo body to ensure the process quality of each part of the silo. Therefore, the 100 ton cement silo has excellent sealing performance and moisture-proof and leak-proof performance, and it can store all kinds of ultra-fine powder materials.

3. Short construction period and low cost

The 100-ton cement silo can be constructed on site with fast installation speed and extremely short construction period. In addition, the 100-ton cement silo body is made of thin steel plates, which has a low weight and greatly reduces the cost.

4. Less floor space and light weight

The height and diameter of the 100-ton cement silo are optional. Its construction scale is large, but the distance between the silos is small achieving a full use of the space. The weight of the silo body is only 16% of that of a concrete silo with the same volume, but the steel bar component is the same as that of a concrete silo with the same volume, which effectively reduces the load of the foundation structure and the cost of building the silo.

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