Standardize management to promote safety, keep improving and ensure quality——The construction record of SRON Silo "CNBM Kaolinite Spiral Sealing Steel Silo Project"

May 20, 2023Keywords: SRON Silo "CNBM Kaolinite Spiral Sealing Steel Silo Project"

     Recently, the 8X2,500t Kaolinite Spiral Sealing Steel Silo Project of China National Building Materials Group Co.,Ltd.(CNBM) SINOMA Shandong Engineering Co., Ltd. undertaken by Henan SRON Silo Engineering Co.,Ltd. was successfully completed. Behind the 8X2,500-ton Coil Silo Project, it carries the SRON PEOPLE pursuit of high quality of construction products, highlighting the original intention and dedication of all participants of SRON.

     Standardize management to promote safety
     In the process of project construction, construction safety is the premise and foundation of all work, and safety is the least bottom line. The construction team of SRON Company abides by the bottom line of safety, strictly follows the principle of "safety first", and regulates construction safety management. Safety education shall be given to all construction personnel before entering the site, and no entry shall be allowed without safety education. Carry out three-level safety education and technical disclosure before the construction of each process. A safety morning meeting is held every day, emphasizing the danger points of daily work and safety technical protection measures, and improving the safety awareness of construction workers. At the same time, in the face of intertwined and complicated construction procedures, Yuan Jibin, the project manager of SRON Company, organized the project team to study carefully, coordinate scientifically, and plan in advance to achieve safe and orderly construction.

     Keep improving and ensure quality
     In order to ensure the quality of the project, the construction team of SRON Company strictly controlled the quality during construction, strictly followed the requirements of the drawings and specifications, kept improving and paid close attention to details. In particular, the welding quality of steel silo columns and steel silo verticality, roundness, etc. are strictly control, and conduct real-time inspection and monitoring. Once deviations are found, they will be corrected in time to ensure that the steel silo construction quality is qualified. Yuan Jibin, the project manager, said that the thickness of the wall panels of this project is 2.5mm and 3mm, and it is very easy to burn through the wall panels during the welding process, resulting in damage to the warehouse structure and water leakage on the warehouse wall. In order to ensure welding quality and structural safety, the project department conducts technical disclosure to welders before construction, strictly controls welding current, strictly inspects welds, and checks at every level to ensure high-quality completion. At the same time, for quality control points such as the verticality and roundness of the steel silo, self-inspection and deviation correction are carried out through measuring tools such as theodolite during construction, and the owner and supervisor are invited to the site for inspection, striving for "zero error, zero failure", Zero defect" construction.

     Work overtime to meet the deadline
     The project has a short construction period, all components need to be fabricated and installed on site, and it faced multiple rainfalls, which brings great challenges to the construction of the project and has a great impact on the construction progress of the project. However, under the organization and leadership of the project manager Yuan Jibin, SRON construction team decomposed the construction progress, quantified it into weeks, and refined it into days. The project was completed in 12 days, and was highly appraised and recognized by the partner CNBM.

     Over the years, SRON company adheres to the product concept of "technology creates the beauty of engineering", and is committed to providing safe, reliable and technologically advanced steel silo engineering systems, closed material yard systems, dock bulk material loading and unloading systems and other complete sets of equipment solutions and EPC general contracting services for the storage and transportation of cement, clinker, fly ash, slag, grain and other bulk materials. In this cooperation with CNBM, SRON Company gave full play to its own advantages, formulated a scientific and reasonable construction plan based on customer requirement, and scientifically coordinated the progress, quality and safety, and finally created a high-quality Spiral Sealing Steel Silo Project, achieving high-efficiency construction, high-quality construction and high-quality performance.

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