The advantages of Cement Silo

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Do you know what is the advantages of Cement Silo?
1. Good integral property and long life.
The cement silo produced by our company is entirely made by special equipment, the silo wall is 5 times of the material thickness, the carrying capacity of silo wall is very large. According to the degree of corrosion resistance and grinding strength, the storage material can be used to configure the best plate, so that its service life is far beyond the life of other silos.
2.Air-tightness and Wide Application
Adopt the special equipment of silo bending to make bend and bite to ensure the craftsmanship quality of any part of the silo. Therefore, the cement silo is especially well sealed, which can store all kinds of superfine powdery material, and it has the function of moisture-proof and impermeable.
3.Short Construction Period and Low Cost.
 The site construction, the speed of installation is extremely fast and short construction period. The silo is made of sheet steel, the weight can be reduced greatly and greatly reduce the cost.
4.High Strength
The continuous spiral bite is five times of plate thickness, the load capacity and strength are greatly enhanced.
5.Small Floor Space and Light Weight
The height and diameter of the silo can be selected arbitrarily in a large range, and the space is small, so that the space can be fully utilized. The weight of the silo body is only 1/6 of the same volume concrete silo, the weight is same as the concrete iron weight of concrete silo, greatly reduce the infrastructure load and construction cost.

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