Correct Installation Method of Cement Silo

Jun 08, 2018Keywords: cement silo installation

Cements silo is a large closed tank used for storing bulk cement. It is generally used for building, water conservancy and so on. Although the daily maintenance of cement silo is usually according to the dust collector types in the top of the cement silo, roughly speaking, the daily maintenance will be carried out from the following aspects.

Firstly, the most important part of daily maintenance of cement silo is to clean the outside of the cement silo. It is very simple, just wash with water. As for the internal cleaning must with serious treatment, generally, the cement silo top has dust remover, arch breaker and other tools. When cleaning the cement silo, usually use cleaning detergent, we should pay attention to the silo can't leave any moisture, otherwise the silo body is easy to rust. Some people will ask, what should we do if there is lump in the silo? When face this situation, the best way is to use hammer or shovel to remove the lump and then clean it. The second is that the cement silo system equipment, regularly check if the dust collector need replacement, at the same time ensure the cleaning of dust collector, regularly check the deashing mechanism of cement silo, if the operation of induced draft fan is normal, and if seal components of cement silo normal and develop the habit of regular replacement.

Only do the above daily maintenance well, can the machine operate normally, improve the working efficiency and increase the service life the machine.

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