The Characteristics of Fly Ash Steel Silo

Jun 08, 2018Keywords: fly ash steel silo

This article mainly introduce the fly ash steel silo characteristics.

1.  Large storage capacity: the single warehouse capacity is of 1~50 ton, can build larger capacity silo group.

2.  The initial investment is small: Due to adopt multiterm patent technology, the use of this steel silo group can not only about 50% of the building materials, but also save more than 60% of the land.

3.  Advanced delivery of cargo form storage: the brand-new pneumatic discharging system, the material will be conveyed to the designated spot by pneumatic pressure.

4.  The feeding is convenient: the way of material feeding is according to the different material and factory situation, can adopt the elevator feeding、chute feeding and pneumatic piping feeding.

5.  Unique structure: The silo body is cylindrical, the top and bottom are segment, the foundation is circular truncated cone

6.  The location of fly ash selection is very important, and the location should be carefully considered.

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