SRON High Quality Aeration Box for Steel Cement Silo

Oct 21, 2017Keywords: Aeration Box, Cement Silo, Steel Cement Silo

Aeration box is cement industrial pneumatic homogeneous aeration stirring device for powdery material discharge inside the silo, loose or inflatable stirring device, mainly composed of a box body, breathable layer, bearing porous plate, inflatable air inlet flange frame, etc. Box with Q235-A 3mm wall thickness steel plate, breathable layer for PET5-6 type synthetic fiber breathable canvas, as the delta 6 mm
thick, porous plate as the delta 2 mm steel plate. Production of aeration box when the air inlet connecting pipe is equipped with a non-return device, preventing air layer be damaged, the material flow smooth, and is convenient for cleaning and base repair. Aeration box interface can be made into thread or flange interface interface.

Technical Capacity

1. Mixing Material-Dry and power material, allowable surface area<1%;

2. Ventilating capacity<3m3/m2min;

3. Wind pressure <4Kg/cm2;

4. Resistance of ventilated layer<1200Pa.

5. Ventilated material-Synthetic fibre and terylene ventilated layer.

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