How to Choose Suitable Steel Silo?

Oct 20, 2017Keywords: steel silo, cement silo, how to choose suitable steel silo

As an important equipment for material and goods storage of part enterprises, with the development of society, the improvement of enterprise, there are more and more enterprises always together with the steel silo, the steel silos are used in wider fields for many enterprise. So what factors should we take into account when we buy steel silo? These are some problems should be paid attention to when purchasing the steel silo.

1. The design of steel silo should be correct

The reasonable steel silo diameter can be standardized in 3.6-27.5m, special needs can be increased. The ratio of diameter to height is generally within 1:1.1 to 1.1:1.5, which is in line with the correct steel silo design model, wrong design ration of steel silo will destroy the stability and durability of steel silo.

2. The structure of assembled steel silo should be reasonable
The reasonable silo body of steel silo should be cylinder, the silo top and silo bottom should be segment type, the base is generally round pillars better, such infrastructure and internal build structure can be solid.

3. The storage capacity of steel silo should be large.
The qualified steel silo, single silo capacity should be within the range of 5~10000 tons, the greater capacity, the more materials stored, this is in consideration of cost performance.

2. The construction time of steel silo should be as short as possible
Generally speaking, ordinary steel silo construction can be completed in about 90 days.

3. When the price is reasonable, the advanced discharging system should be taken as far as possible.
Generally speaking, hopper bottom steel silo can use gravity discharging, flat bottom cement steel silo can adopt flat bottom trough sweep material discharging.

4. The purchase and construction of steel silos must be safe and reliable.
Although the steel silo doesn't cause some security issues, there still are some details about security issues should be noticed, such as the vacuum tightness performance of steel silo should be good, can store the material for a long time and the performance index is fixed.

5. The steel silo should be energy conservation and environmental protection.

In the process of feeding and discharging, take the dust collector as far as possible.

6. Custom made the reasonable steel silo function combined with the enterprise demand.
Some enterprises need to store grain and materials, which need to consider the problems that design of temperature and the clean maintenance of steel silo inside.

In summary, in addition to consider the cost, stability, security issues when purchasing the steel silo, and you should add or subtract some necessary or unnecessary function combined with the enterprise demand.

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