The Features and Advantages of Steel Core Belt Bucket Elevator

Oct 11, 2017Keywords: steel core belt; bucket elevator;steel core belt elevator advantage

As a special equipment for vertical conveying, steel core belt bucket elevator has the characteristics of large conveying capacity, small size, low power consumption, stable and reliable operation, long service life and high lift. Suitable for long distance, large capacity and high speed transportation of materials.
Compared with other bucket elevator, steel core belt bucket elevator has the following remarkable characteristics:
(1). Wide range of applications; Low requirement for material properties and particle size; The hoisting height can up to 120m.
(2). Large Conveying Capacity. The running speed is up to 1.6 ~ 1.8m/s, compared with ring chain elevator 0.8~0.9 m/s, the speed is 0.5~ 0.7 m/s faster.
(3). Due to the flexible contact between belt and roller, stable operation, no noise and small driving power, under the same working conditions, the power consumption is only 65% ~ 85% of the other bucket elevator.
(4). The maintenance is simple and the wearing parts are few, thus greatly reduce the running cost. Generally, under the regular use condition, the inner traction parts could be used for 3 years without maintenance. This machine adopts advanced and reliable parallel tightener to ensure normal and efficient operation. This machine has many specifications, the maximum lifting capacity can reach 500~600m3/h.
 steek core belt bucket elevator

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