What are the Requirements for Cement Silo Design?

Aug 16, 2017Keywords: cement silo design, cement silo requirement

Design of the cement  production is the first step, only the design meet the requirement , can it ensure the performance and using safety of the cement silo, effectively reduce the cost. But what exactly are the requirement in the design? About  this issue, technical personnel give the following answers:

1. Accord with the normal storage requirement
The purpose of the cement silo is storage, so designed cement silo must be able to bear sufficient pressure and temperature during storage, the required  specifications (diameter, thickness, volume) and structure (nozzles, seals, etc.)should accord with the normal storage.

2. Accord with the safety requirement
The material tonnage stored in the cement silo not only huge, even with certain corrosivity, if it can't meet the safety requirement, it is easy to explosive during the storage process, once it happened, huge bulk material will be  released  rapidly, at least  causing significant economic problem, and at worst causing casualties, the consequences are unthinkable. So the safety problems can’t be ignored at design time.

3、 Accord with the flexible requirement
The design of cement silo not only consider the security, but also need meet with some special plant use requirement, for example, for the top of the silo need install frequently, try to adopt the quick dismantling sealing structure, avoid using heavy kingbolt to connect. For the cement silo with clean and maintenance requirement, the manhole and hand holes should be installed in the design.

4. Accord with the economic requirement
The cement silo industry is competative, ad the cement silo manufacturer, on the basis of according to the fundamental duction and security requriement, you should manager to save materila ,reduce the manufacturing cost and expense, only in this way can we have a favorable position in the fierce competitors.

The design of cement silo is of great significance to the manufacturer. As a designer, it is necessary to ensure that the designed cement silo meets the relevant requirements.


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