Discussion on Types of Dust Collector Used in Cement tank

Aug 24, 2017Keywords: dust collector type,cement tank, deashing device

The dust collector is the deashing device of the cement tank, it is located at the top of the cement top, due to the difference of the cement tank tonnage, usage location and performance configuration, and the type of the dust collector is also different, about their types, I will give some information as follows:

1.    Power dust collector, this kind of dust collector utilize the mechanical power to reach the purpose of removing dust and it has gravity dust collector and centrifugal dust collector etc.
2.    Cleaning type dust collector, this type dust collector utilizes the cleaning type to reach the purpose of dust collector.
3.    Filtration dust collector, this kind of dust collector achieve the purpose of dust removal by filtering, it is usually used by the ordinary grade cement tank.
4.    Electromagnetism dust collector, this dust collector can achieve the purpose of dust removal by the attraction of electrical or magnetic, is an advanced technology, it is suitable for the cement tank with high dust removal requirement.  The above dust removal has different characteristics and performance, hope you can choose the cement tank according to your own condition.

power dust collector

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