Do you know the advantages of cement silo?

Feb 27, 2020Keywords: the advantages of cement silo

 Do you know the advantages of cement silo?
1. Good sealing structure and high temperature resistance
The high quality cement bin USES special sealing strip, which can withstand high temperature up to 200 degrees. After the sealing strip is compacted, the material is driven into the cylinder for the first time, and the dust will automatically drill into the fine gap to achieve the perfect self-sealing effect.
2. Good air tight function, wide application
Special equipment is used to bend and bite the mouth to ensure the technical quality of each part of the warehouse body. Therefore, the cement warehouse has excellent sealing, and can store all kinds of super fine powder materials, and can prevent moisture and leakage.
Do you know the advantages of cement silo
3.Create a short construction period, low cost
The device of cement silo can be constructed on site, the device speed is fast, the construction period is very short. All of the cement silos are made of steel plates, which are of low weight and greatly reduce the cost.
4. Less floor space, light weight
The size of silo height and diameter are large and the space between silos is small, which can make full use of space. The dead weight of the warehouse body is only 16% of that of the concrete warehouse with the same volume, only with the same steel component of the concrete warehouse with the same volume, the significant drop in the foundation structure load and the cost of building the warehouse.

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