How to deal with cement silo dust collector bag paste bag

Feb 27, 2020Keywords: cement silo dust collector bag

Dust collector bag is the core of the bag filter accessories, it is one of the high frequency of dust removal equipment, dust bag in use to prevent the gas cooling in the bag room below the dew point, especially in the negative pressure to use the bag filter should pay attention to. In the use of dust bag to prevent the gas cooling in the bag room below the dew point, especially in the use of negative pressure bag filter should pay attention to.
Advantages of dust bag: 1. High dedusting efficiency, it can capture the dust above 0.3nm and purify the dust-containing gas to 15mg/m3 or even below. 2. It can collect the dust which is difficult to accept the connection; Moreover, nitrification, sulfide and other compounds can be collected at a certain level. 3. Good adaptability to load transition, especially suitable for collecting fine and dry dust, the dry dust collected is easy to handle and accept the pipe application. 4. The bag filter is safe when collecting dusty gas with explosion risk or spark.
In the process of using the dust catcher, the moisture contained in the flue gas, when the operating temperature fluctuation or the temperature in the process of starting and stopping the furnace through the acid dew point, will lead to the filter bag surface condensation, there is also the ignition of oil combustion is the important reason for the dust collector paste bag. So how should we solve the problem of cement silo dust collector bag paste bag?
How to deal with cement silo dust collector bag paste bag
Bag filter paste bag accident once occurred, it is very troublesome to deal with, but still have to try. Based on our long-term practical experience, the following measures can be taken:
(1) step up the operating temperature, strengthen the drying strength of the filter bag of the bag filter (pay attention to prevent overtemperature);
(2) increase the pressure of compressed air, and at the same time, increase the intensity and frequency of ash spraying by raising the time interval between the short pulse valve, between the chamber and the cycle cycle in the PLC, and continue to do so for 5-7 days, gradually remove the accumulated ash stuck on the filter bag, so as to restore the resistance to the normal state. If possible, the high strength ash removal should be carried out when the discharging machine is stopped. This method is effective for medium and light paste bag treatment.
(3) for especially serious paste bags, if the above two measures are still ineffective, it can only be solved by replacing the filter bags. This will cause great economic loss also helpless!
Dust removal is difficult and easy to block from time to time, why do such problems occur? After our summary, most of them are because the nature of dust was not fully considered before the design, and high filtration wind speed was chosen blindly in order to reduce the investment of equipment. To choose a good bag filter first, it is necessary to know and understand the relationship between dedusting efficiency and filtration speed, dedusting performance and filtration resistance.

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