High Precision XK3101-K Weighing Indicator for Weighting Material in Silo

Jul 16, 2018Keywords: silo weighing indicator,silo

 XK3101-K weighing indicator which is applies for an industrial control fields (or other applications with analog output). It combines weight display and analog signal together. Its signal transaction of former part adopts high-precise A/D converter with 24 bits, and the output of analog signal adopts D/A converter with 16 bits. Its shell is a small box made from aluminum, easily to be inserted into control cabinet. It can be widely used in cement, chemical and metallurgical industrial weighing systems.

Main Specification

  • S- A/D conversion resolution24 bits
  • Updating rate can choose: 6.25 times/second12.5 times/second25 times/second50 times/second
  • Two-point (open) relay output, output mode can be set: weight selective mode and value-fixed mode.
  • Isolated digital communication interface, RS232 or RS485 can be selected
  • Three calibration methods, suitable for calibration in many application
  • Can set analog output mode: 420mA020mA05V or 010V
  • 7 bits LED display, word height 0.56 inch
  • 20 segments of light pole display

XK3101-K weighing indicator is with the advantages of high precision, strong anti-interference ability, high level of protection, suitable for various bad environment,simple structure, convenient for installation etc.


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