Fly Ash Silo for power plant

Jun 21, 2018Keywords: fly ash silo,power plant

 Power plant fly ash steel silo advantages
1. Add water and stir automatically, and switch to control the direct output of finished products without on-site processing.
2. Built-in GPS positioning system, real-time monitoring system, and timely grasp the on-site use situation.
3. Easy to move and transport from site to site at any time.
Characteristics of power plant fly ash steel silo products
1. The self-described heavy electronic weighing system or upper and lower material level alarm system can directly display the material level in the tank, and a GPS dispatching system can be added
2. Built-in anti-segregation technology to ensure the quality of mortar.
3. The equipped plow knife mortar continuous mixing machine is exquisitely designed, durable, evenly stirred and easy to clean.
4, inner surface level off, smooth, firm, with the traditional steel lining plastic, steel lining glass, compared with good corrosion resistance, wear resistance, long service life (10 years), and other advantages, has been widely used in construction, powder, chemical industry, rare earth, metallurgy, chemicals, etc.

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