Daily Care of Cement Silo

Jun 13, 2018Keywords: cement silo,daily care of cement silo

 Cement silo is a kind of closed warehouse storage of materials, suitable for storage of grain, cement, fly ash and other material, material level mounted on the warehouse system, can display the location of the material and how much, hole device can remove material deposition caused by too long.
The daily maintenance of the cement silo is based on the form of the top duster used by your cement silo, but mainly includes the following parts:
1. Filtration system: check whether the bag inside the precipitator needs to be replaced (if it is with differential pressure control, please refer to the pressure difference table directly)
2. Check the ash removal system: according to the different dust remover, there are mainly mechanical clearance mechanism and pulse clearance mechanism.
3. Power system: check whether the fan is running normally, and daily maintenance of the main fan (some store-top dusters have no fan installed)
4. Local equipment: check the sealing of the equipment (to prevent air leakage).

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