Unattended System

Unattended weighing system is an intelligent scale, which integrates remote identification number automatic recognition system, automatic voice command system, weighing image real-time capture system, traffic signal light control system, infrared control system, gate control system and remote monitoring system. System composition: including RFID RF card system, gate, traffic light, LED large screen display system, video monitoring system, voice intercom system, remote printing system, anti cheating remote control device, etc.

5G intelligent storage and transportation system, based on 5G big data acquisition, data cloud, combined with edge computing and cloud computing, realizes the intelligent management of bulk material storage and transportation, and the digital operation of the system. Global silo digital operation center, to provide customers with material management, equipment management, energy management and other value-added services.


  1. Data collection of vehicle information;
  2. Check against cheating. If the weighing process is not completed, the vehicle will be intercepted automatically;
  3. It is equipped with order, purchase, sales, weighing, quality inspection, settlement, financial interface and other modules to achieve data sharing through the network, automatically generate various reports, and provide real-time data query for financial, sales and other departments.
  4. Precise control of quantitative automatic loading process, when the loading capacity reaches the preset value, the system will automatically stop discharging, greatly reducing the loading time.
  5. The belt scale can be connected to realize continuous conveying of bulk materials, and the constant value weighing and metering control in the conveying process.
  6. Improve loading efficiency, reduce energy waste and environmental pollution.

Unattended System

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