Comprehensive Description of Technology and Performance of Steel Silo(2)

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With the development of technology, the current construction trend of storage silos is: the capacity of a single silo is getting larger and larger; the functions are more and more complete. The capacity of the steel silo gradually increases, its structural design, basic form, environmental emissions, natural factors (geology, hydrology, freezing, temperature, etc.), as well as the unloading form of the steel silo, energy consumption indicators, and investment cost per unit volume are all factors considered by the constructor.
SRON steel silo is widely used in the field of material storage and transfer due to its large capacity, high land utilization rate, high degree of automation, short construction period and low investment per unit volume.


6. Stable Operation is Convenient for Automation: the unloading is uniform and stable, and there will be no taking out the center, material deviation and material crossing. To ensure the safety of the steel silo and facilitate the automatic and orderly control. The automatic control cabinet has local manual control, local automatic control and computer distributed control.
7. Low Gas Consumption: because the silo adopts the design concept of integrated gas fluidization unloading, gas homogenization and gas delivery, namely the principle of one gas for multiple purposes, it can save a lot of gas sources.
8. Quality Effect of Material Storage: with the extension of storage period, the volume weight of materials is increased. The materials are basically vacuum sealed in the tight air isolation of the large steel silo. The sealing effect is much better than that of the brick, stone and concrete structure silo, and the bagged materials are incomparable.

9. Environmental Compliance: the top of the storage silo is a load-bearing dome, and each silo top is equipped with a pulse rapping dust collector, which mainly collects the dust generated when the materials are put into the silo.
10. Process Layout: it can be flexibly arranged according to the site location, and the direction of the unloading gallery can be flexibly determined according to the site conditions. As the pneumatic pipe is used for unloading, the position of the silo elevator can be freely selected.
11. Short Construction Period: according to geological conditions, construction site and construction environment, the construction period is short. In case of silo group construction, cross construction or simultaneous construction can be carried out to shorten the construction period.
12. Long Service Life: the unique combination interface makes the steel silo safer. The structure is equivalent to the frame structure of a building, and has stronger seismic resistance, deformation resistance and bearing capacity of storage silo. Anti corrosion maintenance shall be carried out according to the specification.
13. Low Maintenance Cost: the gasification, unloading and conveying equipment in the steel silo are basically maintenance free, since there are no running parts. 
14. Safety Maintenance: It is convenient for safety maintenance and relieves users' worries about use. It is convenient to maintain the fluidizing bar in the steel silo without clearing the steel silo.

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