Why Use Steel Silos to Store Fly Ash

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Introduction to Fly Ash

        Fly ash is a fine powder that is a byproduct of burning pulverized coal in electric generation power plants. This residue, known as fly ash, is created when the mineral impurities in the coal fuse together as they come out of the combustion chamber, then cool down and harden. When mixed with lime and water, fly ash forms a compound similar to Portland cement. As we all know, fly ash plays an important role in the cement industry, medicine field, building materials field, agricultural production, etc. due to its wide distribution of raw materials, simple production process, and low cost. In the cement industry, the use of fly ash ingredients can reduce the cost of raw materials for cement enterprises and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, and the effective storage of fly ash is the first consideration. If fly ash is collected and stacked in the open air, it will not only occupy a large amount of land, but also pollute the air and groundwater at the stacked place, causing great harm to the environment, and it is not suitable for open air storage. Therefore, how to store fly ash safely and properly has become a concern of many people.

Different Ways to Store Fly Ash
1.Bulk Storage: When storing fly ash in bulk, you must pay attention to moisture and water. Fly ash will agglomerate after being exposed to moisture, reduce strength, and even cannot be used. Therefore, for bulk fly ash, cover should be added to prevent rain during storage. In addition, the warehouse for storing fly ash should also be kept dry, and the roof and outer walls should not leak water; the fly ash stored in the open air temporarily shall be protected from rain, and shall be covered with linoleum, tarpaulin or oiled paper to prevent moisture. This storage method will cause certain environmental pollution and take up a large amount of area.

2.Storage in Bags: Fly ash in bags will also agglomerate after being exposed to moisture, reducing its strength and even being unusable. Therefore, for bagged fly ash, do not break the paper bag. The warehouse for storing bagged fly ash should be kept dry, and the roof and outer walls should not leak water; the ground pad should not be less than 300mm from the ground, and the surrounding walls of the fly ash pile should not be less than 300mm away from the wall, and the stacking height should generally not exceed 10 bags; This storage method requires a lot of manpower and material resources, and has strict requirements on the storage environment, requiring a lot of time and space to maintain a dry environment.

3.Steel Silo Storage: Steel silos, as energy-saving, sealed and environmentally friendly equipment, have been widely used in the fly ash building materials industry. Fly ash is stored airtightly in a large fly ash steel silo to ensure the quality of fly ash and improve the utilization rate. Compared with traditional open-air stacking, the steel silo occupies less land and can save land resources. Environmental protection meets the standards to prevent environmental pollution, and can effectively solve the problem of air pollution caused by dust and water pollution caused by gray water.

Precautions for Storing Fly Ash in Steel Silos
        Nowadays, the emergence of steel silos solves the problem of fly ash, making it no longer stored in the open air, no longer occupying a large area of  land resources, protecting the environment and ensuring people's health. But using steel silos to store fly ash is not foolproof, and dust explosion accidents may occur. Therefore, today, the SRON fly ash silo manufacturer will introduce some relevant precautions for storing fly ash in the steel silo!
1. It is necessary to strengthen management, improve safety awareness, enhance everyone's sense of responsibility, and conduct a knowledge publicity on the powder stored in the steel silo.
2. Do a good job of safety monitoring, check one by one every day, solve some potential safety hazards in time, and avoid dust explosions.
3. Better dust and explosion-proof technology must be adopted in the design and installation of fly ash silo, which can greatly reduce the probability of dust explosion. At the beginning of designing the fly ash steel silo, SRON engineers considered the possibility of explosion during the process of transportation and storage of fly ash, so a dust removal system, ventilation system, and explosion-proof system must be added to the steel silo storage system.
4. Keep the steel silo ventilated when feeding to reduce the dust concentration, so as to avoid dust explosion due to excessive concentration! SRON sets a cut-off valve on the upper interface of the ash conveying pipe of the steel silo to ensure that the use of the ash conveying system will not be affected and avoid material return.

How to Choose a Qualified Steel Silo Manufacturer?
1. Look at the construction qualifications of steel silo manufacturers. We need to check whether the construction company has corresponding construction qualifications, employment certificates, professional title certificates, etc.
2. Look at the construction cases of steel silo manufacturers. Steel silo companies will have their own official website. We can look at the engineering performance of steel silo manufacturers from the official website. The more construction experience and cases, the more reliable.
3. Look at the accidents of the steel silo manufacturers and see if there have been any major safety accidents in the steel silo they built.
4. Look at the verification certification system to see if the company has quality management system certification, environmental management system certification, occupational health and safety management system certification, etc.

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