Hard working conditions demonstrate SRON’s execution capacity ——Construction record of Philippine silo project

Sep 08, 2021Keywords: Philippine silo project

Since the start of construction of 10 sets 10,000t clinker silos and cement silos project in the Philippines in October 2020, SRON has strictly complied with the company’s project safety and quality management practices and standards, and stuck to "zero tolerance for engineering accidents" management. In the process of construction, installation, and commissioning of the project, SRON gives a satisfying result of “zero safety accident" and "zero quality accident”!

10*10000T cement &clinker silos project

4*10000T cement silos project construction image

In the early stage of the project, our company’s project team was unable to reach the construction site of the Philippine project due to the impact of the Philippine domestic epidemic prevention and control policy of closing the city. In order to deliver the project to the owner as scheduled, we convened a remote guidance group for the Philippine project with structural, technological, electrical engineers and construction technicians. Professional engineers were arranged to provide 24 hours on-site construction guidance and technical questions answering through video conferences. In addition, we formulated daily and weekly construction arrangements and summary reports to ensure construction quality and progress.

Project guidance via remote video conference

In March of this year, the epidemic in Philippines returned better, and the situation of containment got improved. After multi-lateral coordination, under the premise of complying with the local epidemic prevention and control requirements and ensuring the health and safety of the construction team, our company immediately arranged the project team to go to the project construction site in Philippines for overall planning and guidance. After arriving at the site, the project team’s leading group went deep into each process link of the project, strengthened the coordination between on-site work and domestic work, the resource allocation of the project, the supervision of each process and each construction link, and clarified the construction period objectives and key nodes, ensuring the project was completed orderly and on time as the established schedule.

SRON's engineer at construction site

Affected by the epidemic, the project has encountered lockdown and shutdown on many occasions, which has severely affected multiple links such as equipment delivery and construction. However, SRON has always adhered to the spirit of contract, overcome numerous difficulties, modified the supply details of the contract for many times regardless of cost (adding free of charge), formulated adjustment and response plans based on actual conditions, and finally ensured that the project was completed on schedule and with high quality with the excellent project execution capacity and the ability to deal with emergency.

6*10000T clinker silo with finished painting

At present, the project has entered the stage of commissioning with materials, and the first phase of commissioning has been successfully completed. In the rest process of the project finishing and commissioning, the project team in SRON will be more passionate and rigorous to ensure that a set of high-quality cement silo engineering system is delivered to the owner on schedule.


“Strong wind reveals the strength of grass, and genuine gold stands the test of fire”. This epidemic has brought great suffering to enterprises, and unprecedented difficulties to the construction of overseas projects, but it is the difficult working conditions that can test an enterprise's ability to perform contracts. This project is a real test to SRON 's project execution capacity. In this special period, Philippine 10 10000t silos system project truly demonstrates our capacity of project execution and risk response.

We will continue to do the best in the future.

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