What are the factors involved in the allocation of the cement silo?

Sep 02, 2017Keywords: cement silo allocation

 When configure the cement silo, we always struggle with some questions, such as how many you should configure and which model should be configured about the silo? Now, I will discuss for you.

1. Related to the investment budget
The investment budget is a very important section of cement silo configuration, it doesn’t sound like a problem, but there many customers face the investment budget problems when they configure the cement silo. Due to the control of investment budget form superior, so they can’t purchase smoothly. In addition, in the case of purchasing the cement silo, there is a kind of situation that under the same demand, the configuration gap is very large, the biggest factor is that customer's investment budget. So, the customer with less investment budget, the equipped cement tank is simplified, the cement silos they equip are generally able to guarantee the normal construction of the limit.

2. Relating to whether the construction site is fixed or not
In the configuration of cement tank, if the construction site is fixed, can be configured for bulk cement tank; For the short-term construction site, we propose that configure the sheet cement tank, because it is easy to dismantle and load, in the short-term construction site, it is perfect for choosing the sheet cement tank.

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