The Technical Characteristics of Steel Silo

Sep 15, 2017Keywords: steel silo, steel silo technical characteristics, cement steel silo

1. It can effectively solve the technical barrier of physical index reduction and cement harden caused by temperature difference and moist air in steel silo wall. This design can effectively control the range of temperature of minus 50℃ to 160℃ of steel silo ambient temperature, and the each physical index is unchanged.

2. Solve the problems of water penetration and leakage in steel silo bottom. This design adopts high polymer waterproof material and other technology to make the second strengthen waterproof for steel silo bottom. The steel silo bottom and steel silo understructure adopts the corrosion resistance and waterproof material to be the last barrier of waterproof. The concrete used in the bottom and understructure of silo is of waterproof and seepage prevention. The controlled prevention and cure range: the classification of waterproof is level 1, leakage prevention level 1~30 thousand tons of steel silo between P8 and P12, 5~20 thousand tons steel silo between P12.

3. Solve the problem of cement completely discharge in steel silo. This design adopts the patent technology, it guarantees the requirement of discharge on demand and on time, and the requirement of unblocked discharge and complete discharge. The design index: The empty rate of 1~30 thousand tons of steel silo is more than 95%, 5~20 thousand tons steel silo is more than 95%.
steel silo

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