The Characteristics of Fly Ash Steel Silos

Sep 08, 2017Keywords: fly ash steel silo, large capacity steel silo, large cpacity fly ash steel silo

1. The big capacity fly ash steel silo base adopts solid large-scale reservoir patent technology. (According to the principle of wedge force pressurization, cohesive reverse flotation and self-floating without pile).

2. The big capacity fly ash steel silos base underground passage adopts C30 water-tight concrete, the passageway is equipped with plash and water retaining edge (it can better prevent water seepage, moisture, and prevent ground water and rainwater into the passageway. Once into the passageway and with dredge pump, it can better ensure the drying of material).

3. Fly ash big capacity steel silo adopt Q235B low content alloy manganese plate (Increase the strength and impact force.)

4.  We SRON fly ash large capacity steel silo, the design is mainly based on the skeleton supported by columns, pour into the concrete in the column to increase the rigidity.

5.  We SRON fly ash large capacity steel silo adopt the circular channel steel expansion ring, vertical column channel wind resistant column is adopted in the reservoir, the welding and the storehouse body are connected with the wing plate. (In the premise of ensuring the safety and quality, to increase the utilization rate of steel and reduce the steel weight).

6.  Fly ash large capacity steel silo roof adopt the plugs to fix grid structure. (The whole silo roof is uniform stressed, which can increase the live load of silo roof and reduce steel weight, at the same time it can relief the welding fatigue caused by the live load and increase safety factor).

fly ash steel silo

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